Temptation and Testimony

"My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not." Proverbs 1:10

It was bound to happen and it did.

I got a telephone call from across the ocean; someone wanting me to help them "see their future" because they couldn't tell "what was going on" in their life.

I told this person I don't do that anymore and they wanted to know why. Well... they DID ask, and they weren't happy with the answer either.

This person tried every trick available to them to get me to fall back into my old way of life.

I was told what a phenomenal healer I was; what a phenomenal mystic I was and why on earth did I want to give all that up?

Faster and faster they talked, growing more and more nervous and there was a hint of fear and then anger in their voice.

I tried to explain that all I need is found in the Lord and all the guidance I need is found in His Word, but it seemed the words fell on deaf ears.

The call ended with that person sounding upset and angry, after 27 minutes of grilling me and trying to push that old paganism down my throat at every turn.

Well, that person is at the top of my prayer list now. =)

"But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil." Proverbs 1:33

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Anonymous said...

This would be a great place to refute with scripture all that stuff. You know ~ how there is Mystery in the ways of God, and there is a Holy Spirit who works in mysterious ways, and... yet these little seeds of truth get all whacked out of shape in various pagan ways.

You're such a quick mind, and you know your Book, Chapter & Verse so well (did I tell you I'm not surprised but I am a little envious of that knowlege), I think there would be some awesome debate.

I know it would help me :D :D

C D of the desert