We are truly blessed by the Lord each and everyday. Some days, we actually take note of it!

Today was such a day for me.

I have been looking for a church of like faith and order for almost 5 years now. Yes, tis true the Lord hadn't saved me back then, yet I still understood that I had a need to be in church. Methinks this might be the result of being a PK. (Preacher's Kid for those that didn't suss it out.)

Today, I was blessed to find two that match the description; one in particular really does. So now, I can truly not forsake the assembling. *smile*

There is a danger to preacher's kids to believe scriptural things because their parents believed them. This can result in a mere head knowledge unless or until the Lord applies it to the heart. In turn, the PK can often be confused as to whether or not they are indeed saved. Well, at least that was my experience. And until one experiences true salvation, head knowledge is all one can have.

There is not single thing I did to merit the salvation my heavenly Father has so lovingly bestowed on me. He sought me out for I had no intention of seeking Him. Yes, my life was a relative mess. Yes I was a miserable failure. Yes, I thought I could handle everything all by myself, thank you very much. :)

So, did all my problems in life just disappear?


However, my attitude changed. My lifestyle has changed. My "want to" has been changed. And where there was dark anger within me, there is now a much more meek self, which cries out to the Father so many times per day. Why? Because God has granted me the grace to do so. Again, I can rejoice that this is ALL of God, and none of me.

What a difference prayer is when you KNOW the one you are petitioning! How much more grateful you feel for even the smallest of things you once took for granted!

So I ask the person whose eyes cross this page; Has God dealt with you in this way?