All of my memorable life, I have been taught that the only sort of life to lead, was one which strove to follow Christ's example; one that conformed to what God would have me to do rather than self will.

For years I thought I was a saved individual. After all, hadn't I prayed the sinner's prayer? Hadn't I gone to church faithfully? Didn't I read my Bible?

And then one day under the teaching of one I call brother both in the spiritual sense and also one I feel that special brother/sister kinship with, I began to see my sin.

You see, all of the things I listed were things "I" had done. Somehow in my struggle to "be" a Christian, I had forgotten one very important component; that my salvation had nothing to do with "me" accepting Christ, but rather, Christ accepting me.

So there I sat, realising my works meant nothing.

I began to see my sin, little by little and have come to believe this is an ongoing process. Surely repentance is not something merely once experienced, but rather a lifelong process.

So it is with these realisations and a spiritual hunger for the things of the Lord, that I begin to journal a few of the precious moments I experience as a believer.

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