Quite a Day

Today has been very stressful for me.

There have been several people that have inquired after me and I was able to give them an answer for the hope that is in me.

Yet, I found it difficult to describe and it took a while to find the right words, and even then, I felt the words were less than satisfactory.

So far, there is one that has seemingly written me off. So be it.

It's very difficult for me to NOT take these things personally. It seems to be hard for people to realise that I'm still the same personality with the same tastes in food, movies, games, humour, clothing.

The differences are in my desire to please Christ and not man!

The differences are that I will be more moderate in my food intake as I know gluttony is a sin; I will be more careful of what movies I watch as I don't think it pleases God for us to fill our minds with murder and violence; I am more careful concerning humour. Anything off colour and certainly things that mock my Lord, offend not only me, but the Almighty! Lastly, I'll be more conscious about my clothing to ensure I'm being modest - and no, I don't mean by wearing a nun's habit either.

See? My human sarcasm is still well in place.

At the end of the day, as in today, I'm tired of trying to explain that it is a life changing event that happened to me, but I am still "me." I haven't grown two heads, nor have I sprouted any additional limbs. Although, I must say, I think some people would be more receptive to the latter than they seem to be with a person having been called away from a life of wickedness and death to one that promises eternal life with the Heavenly Father and gives us grace to face each day knowing we are loved beyond measure.

I'll not be a liberal and compromise. I will do what I feel led of the Lord to do and folks, I'm not budging as long as God grants me the grace to stand for what is right.

One cannot serve God and man. Impossible to do. I'll not attempt it. I'll not attempt to appease those that are uncomfortable with this beautiful, free gift of salvation that has been bestowed on me as long as God holds me up and keeps me from falling.

To those that rejoiced with me, I am ever so thankful for you! Thank you! =)

To those that are still unsure of what has occurred, not fully understanding the changes in my life and the reasons why, I can only say that I do not know why God saved me either. But thankfully, He did.

I feel as if I've been battling the human side of me most of the day and truly, I have been, but thankfully, not alone. Still, I am more tired than I remember being in quite sometime.

But before I go to bed... =D

"Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present [you] faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,

To the only wise God our Saviour, [be] glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen." Jude 1:24-25

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